Anti-pollution skin care is the latest beauty trend you need to know

Before you dive into what anti-fouling skin care is, it’s important to see how pollution actually affects the skin.

He is a dermatologist in Union Square Laser Dermatology in New York. According to Anne Chapas, air pollution includes a combination of the smallest particles called chemicals such as solids, nitrogen dioxide and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Kesin The exact mechanism of how the skin causes aging is unclear, but it may include stronger oxidative damage, increased skin inflammation, altered skin microflora, or activation of acyl hydrocarbon receptor pathways, ”he said. Sonuç Regardless of the mechanism, the result seems to be an increase in wrinkles and pigmentation. ”

All these small particles can get into our pores and become clogged, he says. Dr. Haffopost, a dermatologist from Berkeley, California. Devika Eiskrimwala. As a result, tik we noticed how the skin really looks dull, irregular and even discolored “.

Icecreamwala also said that prolonged exposure to air pollutants can contribute to collagen degradation.
This is where “anti-aging skin care ortaya emerges.

According to Chapas, anti-aging skin care is designed to “neutralize particles in the air that cause skin damage”.

As Icecreamwala points out, the purpose of using anti-fouling skin care products çıkarmak is to remove these small microparticles from the pores, so that they can no longer clog and protect the skin from contamination that can penetrate deeper layers. This pollution can actually destroy the collagen. “

The goal is to create a kind of barrier between your skin and airborne contaminants, he said.
How can we deal with pollution in skin care products?

According to Icecreamwala and Chapas, antioxidants, especially vitamin C, play an important role in protecting our skin from the effects of air pollution. Both suggested adding vitamin C serum to daily skin care and suggested the same product: Skinceuticals C E Ferulic. (It’s expensive at $ 180, but even our own editor swears to them. If you’re looking for other suggestions, many of us have.)

Chapas said that vitamin C and other antioxidants help prevent free radical formation (unbalanced atoms that can damage cells and cause premature aging) and “pigment pathways.”

Mel Melanin blockers like niacinamide are also useful, ”he said.“ It is important to have a robust skin barrier using ceramides using moisturizing agents and without exposing the skin to excessive retinol or acid treatment..

In addition to Topic products, Icecreamwala said it is important to include vitamin C and other antioxidants in our diets as they will protect our skin and body from inflammation. He also said he was a fan of exfoliating agents such as salicylic and lactic acid, “removing dirt from the skin and cleansing pores.”
Are some people more prone to skin contamination?

As The closer you live to pollution, the more it affects you, Chap Chapas said. In his experience, city dwellers seem to do more damage to the skin as a result of more contamination than people in the country. “Said.

Icecreamwala said vehicles – especially those who go to work or find themselves on hot, dirty subway platforms like New York – may be more aware of the effects of contamination on their skin. people living in suburban or rural areas. community.
Can we reverse the effects of pollution?

Prevention is indeed the first step in combating the effects of pollution, but Icecreamwala said, for example, that the use of antioxidants can stimulate collagen regeneration after destruction. It should be noted, however, that no product or component is magic.

According to Chapas, laser procedures “offer a faster and more effective way of coping with pigmentation and skin damage, and make the skin look healthier and younger.”

And of course, you should always wear a sunscreen that helps prevent additional damage caused by the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. According to Icecreamwala, it protects your skin from the sun – it prefers mineral sunscreen – it also helps prevent collagen breakdown.

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