The six biggest trends and innovations in skin care in 2019

1. 3-D Printed Skin Care Products

Here’s a very familiar scenario: take the mask off the sheet, slap the face, and then quickly notice that the saturated cotton mask doesn’t suit your face. Neutrogena knows it, so the beauty giant is constantly working on new innovations to solve this problem. Neutrogena MaskiD is a three-dimensional face mask customized to fit your face shape and skin problems.

2. Individual skin care

Speaking of personalization, Neutogena is not the only brand that has put their hats in the field of personalization this year. Although not as advanced as MaskiD (ie until three-dimensional printing), individual skin care is a top priority for new brands, including Skinsei, a new project under the Unilever umbrella planned to be launched. January 21), proven and atolls. While each brand is very different, its goals remain the same: to provide skin care to the individual needs of each individual. They do this by asking consumers to answer a series of questions about their skin (ie needs, problems, and your daily routine), lifestyle questions such as exercise regimens, what the weather is, where they live. various requests associated with pollution levels in their regions. After receiving the answer, the answers are included in a very scientific program in which the algorithm then sets up the best (and most efficient) mode for them.

Yes, it sounds a lot (who has time to answer a lot of questions these days?), But ultimately it’s just a highly individual routine for you and your skin.

3-CBD skin care:

As in 2018, the CBD began in the new year. In fact, CBD (short for cannabis) is not planning to undermine its dominance in the world of skin care in 2019. Example: 11 days after I changed my calendar, the two main skincare brands (ie brands) are easily accessible, on the shelves of almost every beauty retailer. While Josie Maran had two ingredients, Skin Dope CBD Oil, Peter Thomas Roth began working on a range of products mixed with this material.

It’s not too dramatic, but considering that you talked about the CBD less than a year ago, we think it only surrounds swallowing tinctures and / or chewy desserts to alleviate inflammation. And although experts say there is insufficient evidence to support these claims, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties along with vitamins A, D and E to guarantee. Dandy Engelman, a New York dermatologist, told Allure earlier, “Inflammation may be the origin of all evils, signs of acne or aging.”

While CBD and cannabis seed oil are often used interchangeably, CBD oil and cannabis seed oil are not the same as speech continues to cover everything related to CBD. In fact, potions are actually made from different parts of the plant and have completely different goals. “Hemp seed oil also acts as a emollient to soften and soften rough cells on the surface of the skin.
Ure Allure Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Hospital in Newure, told Allure earlier.

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