We all use a lot of skin care products .Is It Really Good For Our Skin?

How many skin care products do you use?

Let’s start with the basic information; cleaner, toner and moisturizer. Then many of us have their favorite whey and look at mycelium to melt our cosmetic products …

Also dark circles and eye cream for crow’s feet. Perhaps retinol, the dose of vitamin C to protect youth and shine. It is always good to have a layer mask for special occasions.

And then the next thing you know, your bathroom is full of glass bottles and tubs …
So we use too many skin care products?

Even though Dermatologist and Nurse Alice Jenkins, the famous “Injector of Dermatology and Celebrity Injector”, says we pay more attention to using products that are unsuitable for your skin, we tend to over-hydrate.
What negative consequences can have too many products for our skin?

Overloading the skin with too much rich and heavy tissue can make your skin lazy and stained.

Or It detects dependence on external moisture and does not function as natural protection and humidification. In fact, excessive use of products such as moisturizers will only aggravate most skin problems, Al says Alice.

“Not only does it make your skin dependent on additional hydration, but it can also cause over-production of sebum, which causes inflammation, blockage of pores, redness, flaking, pigmentation and acne.“

So should we just “clean, ton and moisturize”?

Skip-care has been announced as the latest trend in skin care from Korea. But in fact, dermatologists have been preaching this simplified approach to skin care for years.

There is a reason for “cleansing, toning and moisturizing – – a very famous phrase. Many believe that the three steps are everything you need to maintain healthy skin, and this only depends on your skin type, which small changes you can make. For example. “Clean, lineage, serum olabilir may be better for you.

Lik The first step in any skin care procedure is to start with a clean, clean canvas that removes cosmetics, dirt and dirt from the skin, A says Alik. “If cosmetics are not removed correctly, they can clog the pores, which means they may become stagnant, and as a result your skin will look and look oily, unhealthy and dull.”

Based on this, Alice recommends using de skin-specific ”serum (preferably with active ingredients such as retinol or vitamin C) and then SPF (morning only). “Try to choose fewer products, but which ones are of better quality and work hard?”

Yerine Instead of overloading the skin with products, help it work naturally on its own. Start by gradually reducing the amount of skin care products you use every day. “

Fewer products mean less routine and more time for Netflix, so we also know. what about you ?

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