Why does vitamin C taking the beauty world out of the storm?

Fights with signs of aging

Da While eating fruits and vegetables full of vitamin C is good for your health, eating them just doesn’t work well enough to combat the aging process of the skin, Am says Amanda. In fact, when you eat only a small amount of vitamin C comes to your skin, but this is where the actual vitamin C appears.

Top Topical vitamin C, also called L-ascorbic acid, is the only form of vitamin C that can penetrate and restore skin and is an excellent ingredient to help the skin fight aging, ”he continues. ‘Research shows that it stimulates collagen production in the dermis as the skin remains elastic and stretched. Vitamin C can help reduce wrinkle symptoms and give you younger skin. “
Protects against harmful effects of the environment and free radicals.

“Free radicals are molecules that do not have electrons in their outer rings and make them unstable, Am says Amanda. Molekül Therefore, the molecule will basically “steal elektron electrons from neighboring atoms in healthy cells, which will eventually create another free radical and begin the cycle of the creation of free radicals, which leads to the destruction of healthy cells.”

However, the topical antioxidant properties of vitamin C help protect your skin from harmful effects such as harsh UV rays, air pollution and environmental damage such as oxygen.
Reduces pigmentation

Pigmentation, often referred to as sunspots or dark spots, is another common skin problem, especially when it occurs on the face. Vit Vitamin C can help relieve darker spots, make your skin smoother, and help your skin look fresher, brighter and healthier, ”he said.

“It also acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to accelerate wound healing, iyor he notes. ‘I often say antioxidants, the history of new generation antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect the skin from oxidative stress and damage that everyone can benefit from.

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