What is Glycolic acid Peel?

Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that can be extracted from fruits, sugar beets and sugar cane. Biri This is one of the softest acids that can be used on the skin, Frances says dermatologist Francesca Fusco. “It dissolves the” cement “that keeps the surface cells in the top layer of the skin and cleanses the skin.”

Dermatologist Jeremy Brower explains that glycolic acid is the main ingredient commonly used by dermatologists to treat acne, scars, fine lines, melasma, hyperpigmentation and sunspots. You can find it in lower but still very effective concentrations in almost exfoliating peeling serum and mask, as well as in household cleaning and cleaning products.
How does the glycolic acid shell work?
Dermatologist Dal Bhanusali said that because chemical peels are commonly used to exfoliate the skin, the glycolic acid peel is konsantre concentrated glycolic acid, which can vary in percentages to gently exfoliate the upper layer of the skin. “

These peelings are found in the doctor’s office as a treatment or as part of a weekly regimen. Fusco says that once your skin becomes more tolerant, glycolic acid is introduced into your regimen using it only once a month, then gradually increasing acid use and concentration. If it is a low concentration of glycolic acid (10 percent or less), you can use it more than once a week if your skin gets it. Dinlemek It’s always better to listen to your skin and see how you deal with it, B says Bhanusali.

However, the Browser warns against the use of these shells every day. Ası It is important that the skin maintains its barrier function. Very frequent use can destroy the outer layers of the skin. ”

    Why should I get a professional peel?

If you decide to take a peeling treatment at a dermatologist’s office, it contains a higher concentration of glycolic acid than anything you use at home. “The main differences are concentration or strength, pH and composition, Brow says Brower. “In the office, higher concentrations are used, which provides greater benefits for the treatment, but also at greater risks. Housings and products tend to have lower concentrations, so they are safer for the individual consumer, but provide less benefit. “

One does not necessarily have to be better than the other; It’s all about what you’re looking for. Ofis The office will always have more powerful options for correction procedures, B says Bhanusali. Ği As he said, most patients love supporting protocols and want to use these peels to improve long-term skin health. Robbing at home is a great option. ”

How to get rid of laughter Lines with five tips approved by experts

If you prefer your skin to be smooth and wrinkle-free, laughing lines are not important. We talked to dermatologists: Cindy Yun-Sun Bae, Morgan Rabah and plastic surgeon. David Schafer, to break everything we need to know about the lines of laughter: What’s this? Do they really laugh? How can you get rid of the laughter?

    What are the lines of laughter? What causes them?

Smiling lines are vertical lines that extend along the edges of the nose and bend around the mouth and sometimes go up to the chin. You’re not the only one who has them: these lines are incredibly common. Shafer says there are two types of laughter: nasolabial fold and nasolabial fold. It explains that the nasolabial fold is the line you see between the upper lip and the cheek, and that the fold is the skin or fabric that hangs on the fold. Both species develop from aging and other lifestyle factors over time.

Afer If you look at your school yearbook, probably half of people have nasolabial folds – that’s not necessarily a sign of aging, Sch says Schafer. “People have deeper wrinkles with age, weight gain and stagnation in teeth or dental problems; Teeth no longer support the upper curvature, which makes the crease deeper. “

Finding treatments to reduce their appearance depends on whether they are dynamic wrinkles (wrinkles you see when moving) or static wrinkles (wrinkles you still see when your face doesn’t move). E We want to prevent the appearance of static wrinkles, because over time it will be more difficult to treat, Ba says Bae. Var The laughter lines you see when you laugh are dynamic wrinkles and times when you don’t laugh, but they are still considered static. Eyes, lips around the blink, smile, animation and so on. It is quite common as we use muscles constantly. ”

5 Beauty tips to turn you into a Hollywood star

1-Mask for shiny skin:
Instead of wasting time masking your face with a foundation, it’s better to spend 15 minutes helping your skin heal. To get the most out of your reanimation products, you should first clean the skin thoroughly. For this, there is a cool mask that cleans your pores and removes acne.To make the mask, pour 2-3 teaspoons of milk into a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of gelatin. Let it soak for a while. Microwave mixture for 30 seconds or until the mixture has a creamy consistency. When the mixture becomes tender but warmed, apply it to your face. Allow the mask to dry, and then carefully remove it.

2-Get rid of pimples in 2-10 minutes:
If you need to remove blackheads, you can use a quick mask. The mixture of honey and cinnamon is mixed until a dough is obtained. Apply a thin layer over the snakes and place a piece of pure cotton on it. After 5 minutes, remove and wash your face.

3 fast repair mask:
You can use a mask to pamper your tired skin or you can make it yourself. We are sure that there are already some ingredients in the refrigerator. For dull and lifeless skin, mix apple juice with honey. Apply a thin layer to the face and leave for 5 minutes.
    For dark circles and puffy eyes you can use a simple potato. Rub a thin potato, apply to the area under the eye and wait 15 minutes.
    Make a mask with cottage cheese and sour cream to tone dry skin. For oily skin you can mix whipped egg whites, olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice. For normal skin, a mask containing bananas and grapefruits is suitable.
    Irritated skin can be soothed with a buttermilk mask. Apply to face only for 15 minutes.

4-Moisturize your skin appropriately:
You need to moisturize to make your face look fresh all night. To do this, you must select the correct product type. A good option for dry skin is wax-based creams. Cream must not contain water.
    For oily skin, light emulsions and fluids containing natural silicon (dimethicone) should be used.
    Creams containing mineral oils and dimeticone are good moisturizers for normal and combination skin.

5- Removing dark circles under the eyes:
Try color correction to hide various defects: the green color neutralizes all inflammations; peach and pink colors brighten dull skin; yellow vein will mask veins or small marks; The orange eye will help mask the dark circles underneath. If color correction is not enough to get rid of these dark circles, you can try putting wet tea bags in the area under the eye. This is the remaining concealer after disguise. Apply the concealer in the form of an inverted triangle, not just under your eye, in a semicircle.

Beauty Secrets from a Parisian girl

Wash your face with water

Paris’s first beauty secret is so simple! Taking care of your skin is very important and simple skin care starts with washing your face. Since the tap water in Paris could contain hard and dry chemicals, the Parisians made a softer decision. In France, women washed hundreds of years with mycelium. Micelles are simply purified water with the addition of small oil particles. This solution gently moisturizes by removing all makeup and impurities on your skin. The days of multi-level detergents and complex processes are over, French women are all about simplicity (for more). You can find mycelium juice at any Paris pharmacy and many supermarkets.

Less – More

Something you don’t see in Paris, too much heavy makeup. This is because French women have a different mindset about makeup. The Parisians have a reputation for being beautiful and they really are! But one of the best beauty secrets of Paris is that the Parisians don’t wear cosmetics in practice!

In France, makeup is used to emphasize your natural beauty and does not cover your entire face like a mask. The classic “no makeup” image certainly appeared on the streets of Paris. As for what they put on your face, any Parisian will tell you that he never leaves the house without sunscreen, even though he has this “less than” attitude. Sunscreen / moisturizing base, light mascara and lipstick look Parisian style.
Go to the pharmacy

Another Parisian beauty secret lies in your local pharmacy. You should know that pharmacies in France are more than pharmacies. They usually have counter top products and some of the best cosmetics you can find. There are also many French cosmetic and skin care brands that are hard to find elsewhere. There is a pharmacy in almost every street in Paris, so you have many options. Pharmacists are very knowledgeable, and as a rule would be happy to recommend products specific to your skin type or to suggest any specific problems that may occur. Start a conversation and don’t be afraid to get advice, the local pharmacy is a popular Parisian woman for cosmetics.

Make skin care a priority

Star skin care procedure is one of the most important beauty secrets of Paris. Parisian women are known for their flawless skin and seemingly light shine. But how do they get this polished look? The answer is simple: Parisian women make skin care a real priority. Pollution and weather in Paris have had terrible effects on the skin, so Parisian women are used to protect their faces from an early age. Parisians use sunscreen, balsam, mycelium, serum and even dry oil to help care for their skin. Their philosophy is that if you take good care of your skin, your skin will look great even without makeup. French brands such as Caudalie, La Roche-Posay and Vichy have excellent products that make Paris cult favorites.
Eat your greens.

No really! The secret of a Parisian beauty is about a simple diet. French culture focuses on fresh produce and fruits and vegetables are the basis of everyday French cuisine. In general, Parisian women eat a very balanced diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables and cereals. All of these products are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals that not only benefit your health but also do wonders on your skin. If you’re wondering how to get this famous Parisian flavor, try a few servings of fruit rich in antioxidants such as vitamin-rich vegetables or blueberries. You really wonder how good it will look and feel!

The farmers markets are definitely the best place to find various seasonal products. If you want to experience the best markets of Paris, visit our favorite Parisian farmers markets here.
Hug your flaws

Be freckles, mole, slightly crooked smile, hug her! Parisian women make the most of what they have. And what you perceive as a flaw is actually part of what makes you unique and beautiful, so understand! This is another secret of beautiful Parisian beauty. Parisian women, as in some other Western cultures, do not seek continuous perfection. Super straight teeth, ultra bright smiles and plastic surgery are very rare here. Many famous French women actually played the so-called

these “flaws” and these unique features really helped to emphasize them. A trip to Paris is a good opportunity to address all aspects of your beauty, and you’ll even be a bit Parisian.
Stay hydrated

This beauty secret of Paris is one of the easiest in your daily life. One of the key ingredients for shiny skin
Adequate hydration. Drinking enough water is important for your overall well-being, but it also helps your skin look better. Parisian women definitely drink plenty of water and often carry a bottle of water with them where they go. Try to drink at least 1.5 liters of fresh water a day to give your skin this glamorous Paris glow.

So now you know some of our favorite beauty secrets from a Parisian girl! I hope you enjoy this article and you will try some of these tips yourself! As always, please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or need additional information about anything.

10 beauty secrets from around the world

After asking women from all over the world for their advice, I got insider information about how amazing they were by using all-natural beauty procedures.
Learn the beauty secrets from around the world and how to recreate them at home!

Rosemary Juice – Greece

For shiny, elastic yarns, women in Greece rinse their hair with rosemary juice; Cleans and cleans deep deposits. “Boil the rosemary juice, let it cool, strain the rosemary and pour water on the hair.”

Coffee Soap – Indonesia

Indonesia is famous for its coffee, but it’s more beneficial than having a morning drink. A coffee stunt like Juara is great for skin. Coffee beans contain a powerful antioxidant while tightening the skin and stimulating blood circulation.
I like this latte!

Rice Juice – China

Yeah, you read it right. The Chinese believe that water from rice is an excellent and natural way to clean facial skin. They believe that the nutrients in the water help remove oil and dirt from the skin.

Baobab Seed Oil-Africa

This extract is not only used in the treatment of diseases such as smallpox, malaria, asthma and fever, but also in baobab seed oil, and contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C. Use this oil for skin and hair care. It has also been suggested that Baobab seed oil slows down the aging process.
What are we waiting for?

Egg Yolk – France

Depending on which region you come from France, your “grandmother’s recipe” may be slightly different, but create a mixture of egg yolk, rum and olive oil for shiny hair with a lot of body. Leave it on your head for an hour, wash your shampoo and rinse!

Turmeric – India

Turmeric is not only a favorite in Indian cuisine, but for centuries many women have used it for skin care. 1 teaspoon of organic turmeric powder, yogurt and honey, mix it into a thick paste to create your own skin mask.

Apply to face, neck and other parts of the body of your choice. Wait 15 minutes (or until dry) and rinse. Must be a healthy glow right away!

Argan Oil – Morocco

This oil is very popular in various cosmetic lines around the world. Argan oil is widely used to treat skin diseases such as pimples, skin peeling, rheumatism and also helps in the treatment of burns. It can also be used to strengthen hair and help dry scalp.

Beach sand – Brazil

It may seem very simple, maybe that’s the real beauty. Brazilian women often use beach sand as a natural exfoliation. Next time on the beach, rub wet and dry sand on your hips, skin and even your hands to increase the brightness of this beautiful Brazilian beach.
And the best part, it’s free!

Lanolin – New Zealand

Lanolin is a sheep’s wool circulating in the hills of New Zealand. Since these oil protects sheep from ever-changing weather conditions, lanolin also acts as a firming and moisturizing agent for our hands and skin.

Pineapple and Coconut – Hawaii

Hawaiian women often use two local fruits for beauty secrets. Coconuts have good but not harmful fats for the body. Drink coconut milk to help you, and use coconut oil as hair care to stimulate growth.

4 steps to make your lipstick last longer

Lipstick is one of the basic elements of makeup. There are several colors to choose from, and each color emphasizes its own vibration. However, lipstick can be difficult to wear. You can spend a lot of money on lipstick, but what does it mean if you can’t keep it for a day or night? The first time you apply your lipstick may look like pop, but after dinner and a few drinks may disappear. If you make it hard to keep lipstick, here are some tips that can help:
Step 1: Prepare the lips

Preparation means peeling and moisturizing. Preparing the lips for lipstick is very important because it sets the foundation. Exfoliating & moisturizing prevents lips cracking & color stays smooth & fresh
Step 2: Lip Liner

The lip liner is the perfect base for lipstick (and the lap can help make big lips look!). Start by painting your lips and work inward to adjust the color and base before the real lipstick appears.
3 Step 3: Apply Lipstick

With care. The lipstick should be applied carefully to avoid disrupting all the work you apply with the lipstick. If you want to look all day, you can even choose long lasting lipstick shades.
4 Step 4. Attach the lips

Adjusting your lips is as important as adjusting your face. To replace the lipstick gently, use a transparent powder and a small brush to avoid the formation of unpleasant spots on the lipstick.

The best way to remove makeup

1. Start by destroying something.

You can use an oil cleaner such as cult fave DHC Cleansing Oil to melt the topsheet and destroy hard formulas. If your skin does not respond well to oil cleansing agents, try an ointment or consult an ordinary facial cleanser. Care should be taken to ensure a general deterioration. Make sure to rub your face in a circular motion, if any, with a brush. Go around the hairline and chin. You can also use makeup remover and some pads to remove the top layer.
2. Clear again

If you want to make the remaining bits now, use a soft formula that won’t dry your face. Be kind! You can use the oil formula or oil-based detergents to break up residues.
3. Attention to eyes

NEVER pull eyes! You want to gently apply cotton pads soaked in eye makeup remover. You should close your eyes and keep the pads on the eyelids and eyelashes so that the products can be dissolved. Then wipe the remaining product. Rubbing your eyes will cause wrinkles and cause some eyelashes to break, so be patient and soft.
4. Remove residues

Use a clean cotton swab to collect dirt and makeup remover. You can submerge him in mycelia to remove dirt!
5. Continue

Now it’s time for resuscitation, serum application and humidification for a night’s sleep! You are ready to wake up with a bright face and continue your day.

8 hints for skin glowing all day

Your skin’s glare depends on two main factors: what you put on your body and what you put on it, but it doesn’t have to be difficult, long or expensive. As part of our # AMinuteForMe series with Youtheory®, we asked leading experts to talk about quick and simple techniques to improve the skin they swore.

1. Replace face to wash with cold water.
Summer Sanders, author of Raw and Radiant, says you need to put detergent in your morning makeup. Orum I don’t brush my face with anything in the morning; I only get very cold water, ”he explains. “Excessive rinsing of the skin may deprive you of natural oils that help keep it clean and balanced.” Also, a cold splash will help you get started before your coffee starts.

2. Use your fingertips
Dr. New York’s leading dermatologist, The Beauty of Dirty Skin. Whitney Bow acknowledges that excessive skin cleansing is one of the biggest mistakes women make in skin care. He took another step and says you can give up hard tools and applicators. At Throw away extra tools to use, clean and maintain, ”he says. “Your fingertips are gentle and effective and provide a healthy skin barrier.”

3. Add a pinch of cinnamon
Cinnamon is not only a delicious, warm flavor enhancer but also a collagen protector, a magical protein that gives the skin suppleness. “Cinnamon has been proven to improve blood circulation in the skin and regulate blood sugar levels, Bow Bow said. This is important because excess sugar in the blood triggers a process called glycation “because sugar binds to your collagen and sends it to destruction. Degradable collagen = wrinkles and sagging.

4. Supplement with collagen
Youtheory® research supervisor “Collagen is my favorite food for general skin health, Nick says Nick Bitz. Iniz Your skin is 80% collagen. And the science of it shows that after 30 years you lose about 1% per year. Therefore, it is important to renew collagen stocks with the help of diets and supplements, so that this structural protein is abundant throughout the entire aging process. “

You can find collagen in tablets, powder or liquid form and withstand heating or cooling, so you can mix it with morning coffee, smoothies or oatmeal, and even add your favorite snacks and pastries. However, make sure it is of high quality even though you are using it. Dr. Itz Collagen has a very high molecular weight and size that limits its absorption to the body, B says Bitz. “Therefore, it must be enzymatically digested or“ hydrolyzed küçük to smaller subunits before being fully absorbed into the bloodstream. If you are using low-quality collagen material, there is a high likelihood that it is not completely hydrolyzed, which means you probably won’t get the nutritional benefits you expect.

5. Mix things
“The skin always recommends serum as a working horse for any skin care procedure, but it may take some time to apply the serum under a daily moisturizer. It is painful to wait for a product to be absorbed before the next product is applied. ” My favorite time-saving advice that protects your skin like a pro: just add a few drops of antioxidant serum, ideally add a quarter of the size of vitamin C, daily moisturizing sunscreen or primer and apply to clean skin. , but before applying makeup.

Another way to combine sconces for a bright glow: Annemarie Skin Care herbal beauty specialist Abbey Jin offers to mix the face powder with a few drops of face oil to create a personal liquid base. Iyor It easily combines two steps: wetting and applying a base, ”he says.

6. Keep eye cream in the refrigerator
It is very cleverly simple. In Keep the eye cream there, so if you apply it every morning and evening, you will reduce swelling and at the same time just cool the eye area, Jean says Jean. “There’s really nothing more refreshing.”

7. Reduce the use of retinol
Orum I believe in using more active ingredients in moderation, but not every day, Gen says Gene. You can put too much stress on your skin instead of nourishing it. Instead, save time and add retinols or ANA (alpha-hydroxy acids) to your regimen several days a week.

8. Use multitasking makeup.
You may be using a CC protective cream that turns into a single product from face lotion, sunscreen and foundation, but If you are creative, you can do this magic with a certain makeup. Üf The trick my mom taught me is to use lipstick (my favorite RMS) for both lip and cream blush, ”she says. “Simple, clean and fast love.”

Face Steaming

After talking about how to face in Instagram stories yesterday, I wanted to learn some facts about how to blow your face, because there seems to be some big mistake.

To begin with, as I said yesterday, YMMV is yours. Kilometer. May. Vary. Maybe you’ll have fun hovering and it could work AMAZING for you and it’s great! Thus. I published my idea based on the personal experience and knowledge I gathered.

So what’s steaming?

Steaming is a very broad word because I think it’s a professional steam appliance, stand in a hot shower / steam room, touch a face with a hot cloth, and so on. It could mean. To make it clear – I think that standing in a hot shower with hot water or applying an excessively hot cloth on your face can do more harm than good (I will discuss later in this article).

The idea behind steaming is to soften the outer layers of the skin, making it easier to peel and increase the permeability of local products. Steam cooking has other benefits: it can improve blood circulation, which is beneficial for skin healing and overall skin health. I love trying to improve blood circulation in my face, because it helps to reduce bloating!

Unable to open and close pores

Steaming does not open the pores. This is a huge mistake, and many people have told me that they should “prepare to open their pores.” Pores cannot be opened or closed. I think people mistaken it by softening the skin in any way they try to soften it, which is a slight shedding and permeability of topical products.

Skin is not permeable to water.

Self-steaming does not moisturize the skin. This is another big mistake and a lot of answers I get about why people swim in their faces. “Moisturized” skin is a function of natural oils produced by your skin that effectively hold the water contained in it. You can think of it as a moisture barrier, and as we know, when the moisture barrier breaks, the water in your skin evaporates more easily, and you may experience a series of skin care problems (compensating for excess oil production, dryness, dehydration, etc.).

In fact, you can add as much water as you like by pouring or drinking on your skin. But if it doesn’t somehow fall into the trap, it disappears (a process called transepidermal water loss).

How the skin naturally protects water is caused by the natural loss of skin cells called keratinocytes. Keratinocytes are formed in the basal layer of the epidermis and move upward during their ~ 28 day life cycle, but when they move upward through the epidermal layers, they become smooth, ultimately squeezing their ingredients, which are mainly skin oils. This oil layer prevents water from entering the body and unwanted substances entering the body.

Why am I not steam

I can appreciate the benefits of steam – it improves blood circulation and blood circulation and softens the skin, which contributes to better absorption of products and a good shedding of the skin. However, steaming can have extreme negative effects on some people like me. Since I tend to comb / acne, I have nowhere to do anything to stimulate my sebaceous glands.

From my own experience, I have also found that steaming is damaging my moisture barrier. Do you know the strong, dry, meticulous cleaning sensation we mentioned when determining whether the detergent was too hard? This is ALWAYS a feeling I have after steaming and I always skip the next day because of the stimulation of my sebaceous glands and therefore the excessive amount of fat I remove.

The healthcare worker told me “everything is fine, especially as safe as steaming.” It upset me because I don’t want acne! And I don’t need an unstable moisture barrier, and I know that ascension causes both of these factors inside me. If you know that something isn’t working for you, it can be harmful. Will I die from my face evaporating? No. However, I don’t want to leave and expose myself to something I know is “bad için for me. YMMV is well remembered not only for you and your skin care but also for others. I think we have to respect that not everything will work or be good for everyone.
What should I do instead?

In order to stimulate blood circulation and blood circulation, I perform facial massages daily with the help of Clarisonic Uplift or watch a video of facial massage with my hands. I also use k-beauty essences or other known products. Lash the skin so that my other products can be absorbed better.

Top 10 fruits for healthy and healthy skin

Lemons are natural bleaching agents. They are rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that helps to eliminate toxins and protect the skin from photo spread and hyperpigmentation (1). Therefore, if you have irregular pigmentation, dark spots, acne scars or keratinization, try using lemon for shiny skin. Here’s how you can use it.
How to use lemon for shiny skin?

2. Papaya
Papaya contains A, C, B, pantothenic acid, folic acid and minerals such as copper, potassium and magnesium. They also contain enzymes such as papain and chymopapain with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that help prevent free radical damage to the skin. Consuming papaya can help prevent constipation, which is one of the causes of poor skin condition. It may also help in the treatment of warts, eczema, corn and skin tubers (2). Scientists have also found that papaya can help heal wounds and chronic skin ulcers (3), (4). Therefore, if you have digestive problems, scars and pigmentation, you should add papaya to your diet and beauty regimen. Here’s how to use it.

3. Avocado
Avocado is rich in healthy fats, fiber and vitamins E, A, C, K, B6, niacin, folate and pantothenic acid. It has antioxidant properties that help reduce oxidative damage that prevents DNA damage. Avocado consumption can contribute to healthy aging because it is rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, which protects your skin from ultraviolet rays. Useful avocado oils help maintain skin elasticity, reduce inflammation and accelerate wound healing (5). Here’s how you can use avocados to get clean, flawless skin.

4. Orange
Sweet, juicy and fleshy orange has a bright color and a strong odor. This fruit can also do wonders for your skin. Like lemons, oranges are rich in vitamin C – 100 g of orange contain 54 mg of vitamin C, an antioxidant. This means that oranges can help prevent oxidative damage, photographic damage, DNA damage, reduce inflammation, and collagen synthesis (6), (7). Now let me tell you how to include oranges in your daily life.

Red, succulent, juicy, sweet and invigorating – I just don’t have enough watermelons. What’s more, it’s good for your skin, especially if you have oily and acne-prone skin. Watermelon fiber (0.4%), water (92%), carbohydrate (7.55%), sugar (0.4%), C, A, B1 and B6 vitamins, carotenoids, flavonoids and lycopene contains. It does not contain fat and does not contain cholesterol (8). Lycopene helps remove free oxygen radicals and prevents skin damage (9). Water helps wash toxins and improve bowel function. Here is how you can use watermelon to get a clear skin.

6. Cucumbers
The fresh green cucumber has a typical aroma that makes you feel fresh even without eating. Like watermelon, cucumber has a very high water content, has a cooling effect on the body and has antioxidant properties (10). Raw cucumbers are also rich in K and C vitamins and fibers. Scientists have discovered that sea cucumbers can be used to whiten skin and reduce wrinkles (11). Here’s how you can use cucumbers to treat your skin.

7. Mango
Sweet and succulent mangoes work surprisingly well when it comes to skin rejuvenation. They are rich in vitamins A, E, C and K, flavonoids, polyphenolics, beta carotene and xanthophylls. Therefore, mango protects your skin from DNA damage and inflammation (12). They are also rich in sugars and dietary fibers that help treat constipation. In fact, mango has already been used in the cosmetic industry to create hair and skin oils with healing properties (13). Here are some ways you can use mango to rejuvenate your skin.

8. Pomegranate
Do you think you are exposed to excessive pollution and sun exposure? Then you should read how this delicious and wonderful fruit can benefit your skin. Pomegranates are rich in vitamins C, K and folate and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium (14). In fact, peeling, membrane and edible seeds are loaded with antioxidants (elllagic acid) that help protect the skin from UV-A and UV-B damage and skin pigmentation (15), (16), (17). Scientists also successfully renewed the human dermis and epidermis in the laboratory using pomegranates (18). So you cannot avoid this fruit. Here’s how you can use it to treat all your skin problems.

A friend recently suggested me to use a banana peel to remove acne scars and it really worked. Scientific explanation of the extraordinary healing properties of the skin Banana, fiber, A, C, K, E and folate vitamins, as well as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and is also rich in minerals such as magnesium (19). This is a very good natural moisturizer with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties (20), (21). Here’s how you can use a banana in various ways to get brilliant skin.


I’ve always wondered who ate the apple diamond. Eve probably ate to treat skin problems! You can do it too. Apples are rich in vitamins A and C, fiber, potassium, calcium and magnesium (22). It has antioxidant properties and helps to remove harmful oxygen-free radicals. In addition, an apple peel was found to be rich in antioxidants (23). So next time you want to eat an apple, don’t peel it. Wash thoroughly to remove dirt and bacteria. How to use to achieve flawless skin